Dee 1983 83 Critical Acclaim

Matthias Kirsch, Germany
What a relief. And a joy. Dee Bell starts off her new album “Lins, Lennox & Life” with the wonderful Ivan Lins composition “By Chance (Acaso)”, a hopeful, soothing tune which is perfectly sung by the unobtrusive and calming voice of the Indiana-born singer. She easily won me over by the way she phrases the two words “by chance”. Her husky voice, tender at the same time, sometimes reminding me of Anita O’Day, seems to be the ideal vehicle for the Brazilian composer’s tunes. It’s an amazingly sympathetic and gracious instrument she calls her own. She can be light and breezy, floating over and around “After The Storm (Depois Dos Temporais)”, effectively and expertly arranged by Marcos Silva who also plays keys on the album. -

Jazz Author James Gavin
“Her earthy sweet-and-sour voice, so mellow and rhythmically assured, sounds more alluring than ever.”

Midwest Record .com Blog -
Silva-Bell-Elation: “When vets of the system get together, take off the gloves, stop worrying about the clock, perception and taste, wonderful things can fly through the air and land successfully. Essentially after a few decades away, this Concord vet rounds of a bunch of SF pros, finds the jazz in Neil Young and sets sail. A jazz vocal date with a lot of traditional elements, it all comes together in a non-traditional way that blows your ears wide open. Jazz vocal fans won’t be offended in the least, no matter how purist they are, and you can bet a good time will be had by all. Bell obviously remembers that this is the entertainment business and if we aren’t having fun, we aren’t doing our jobs. Fun stuff though out.”

Republic of Jazz - Brazilian blog - February 1, 2014 -
Silva • Bell • Elation is a tantalizing album that will leave the listener mourning for the 20 years of great music missed out on while Dee Bell was recovering from the Sagacious Grace fiasco.”

East Bay Express - Andrew Gilbert - April 23, 2014 - http://www.eastbayexpress/
After a strong debut, the North Bay jazz vocalist dropped off the scene some thirty years ago. Now she's back — with Brazilian pianist Marcos Silva. With her sensuously husky voice and relaxed behind-the-beat phrasing, North Bay jazz vocalist Dee Bell emerged suddenly on the national scene some three decades ago with Let There Be Love, which was released on the Concord Jazz label. Mentored by veteran Bay Area guitarist Eddie Duran and championed by tenor sax legend Stan Getz, who both played on her impressive 1983 debut album, Bell was hailed by critic Leonard Feather for having a "haunting, jazz-infected sound" with "flawless" diction and phrasing — a reputation she enhanced with her second album, 1985's One By One (which was also released by Concord). And then almost as quickly as she appeared, Bell seemed to drop off the scene. Now she's back, and she's got another musical heavyweight in her corner, Brazilian pianist Marcos Silva.

Oregon Jazz Society
“Bell”-like intonation, and winning material.” • George Fendel about Sagacious Grace

Los Angeles Jazz Society
“Dee Bell is heard in prime form, displaying a warm voice and a quietly swinging style” • Scott Yanow about Sagacious Grace

The Ft. Lauderdale Tribune
"Miss Bell firmly approaches her material with a no-nonsense attitude. She changes tempo and accent with the sureness of a silken 5-speed luxury transmission, her deliberate breathing into the next statement is delicious." • George Leval

Editor, Stereo Review
"She's very good. Her voice is clear and easy, and her phrasing and delivery are just plain gorgeous."

Orange County Register
"Dee Bell sings with a beautiful, clear voice that brings to mind Jackie Cain with just a touch of Chris Connor here and there. It's a pleasant combination, and she definitely has style of her own." • Jay Roebuck

San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle
"It is Bell's careful attention to the lyrics, her neat delivery and her awareness of the art of jazz accompaniment that makes her every rendition memorable."
• the late columnist, Phil Elwood

Jazz Journal • England
"Dee Bell is more than just a good professional. She knows just how to bring the best out in a song. She does her own thing; lazy, hazy, smoky singing."
• Derrick-Stewart Baxter

San Francisco Chronicle
"She's a picture singer - a pretty, blue-eyed, honey-blonde with a husky-dusky voice that contains classic echoes of Chris Connor, Anita O'Day, Jeri Southern and, during low-slung swoops, Cleo Laine. Dee Bell has a bedroom voice."
• Gerald Nachman

Indianapolis Star
"In some ways, her voice is reminiscent of Julie London, but it is mellower. She also harks back to other '50's songstresses June Christy and Chris Connor. Like those vocalists, she doesn't scat; it's as if she doesn't need to." • Alan Ross

Editor, Jazz Times International "Bell's voice is fresh and full of warmth. Her style on the ballads is so intimate it's easy to imagine her."

San Francisco Chronicle
“Dee's voice is pure and tender, at times haunting. Her approach to the material is straightforward and unpretentious. She takes you inside the lyrics, and you can almost hear her smile." • Jesse Hamlin

San Francisco Bay Guardian
"Her smoky, resilient voice is a delicious instrument, conveying the intimate emotions of a lyric while toying subtly with the song's melody. She is light and substantial at the same time."
• Derk Richardson

Los Angeles Times
“Bell has a haunting, jazz-infected sound, her diction and phrasing flawless."
• the late Leonard Feather