Dee Bell

Vocal Artist

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The new CD Lins, Lennox & Life was released on 6th August 2018.
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You won’t want to miss this one. A balm for a weary world!

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Lins, Lennox, & Life Now on CDBABY, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora:

”Dee Bell is a name that all lovers of jazz singing should know - but her warm, husky, intimate, unfussy delivery, full of honesty and heart, embraces many other styles. On
Lins, Lennox, & Life, Dee gives Brazilian master Ivan Lins some of the best English translations his songs have received; and she finds the jazz in Annie Lennox's intense balladry. This album is a pleasure to hear, rich in musicianship and even richer in feeling."

- James Gavin (biographer of Chet Baker, Peggy Lee, and Lena Horne and a two-time recipient of ASCAP's Deems Taylor-Virgil Thomson Award for music journalism)

"Dee Bell is not only a gifted singer; she's a brilliant lyricist!" – Randy Morse, Best of Brazil

A few of the current reviews for Silva • Bell • Elation (for more, click this link):

Midwest Blog -
Silva-Bell-Elation: “When vets of the system get together, take off the gloves, stop worrying about the clock, perception and taste, wonderful things can fly through the air and land successfully. Essentially after a few decades away, this Concord vet rounds of a bunch of SF pros, finds the jazz in Neil Young and sets sail. A jazz vocal date with a lot of traditional elements, it all comes together in a non-traditional way that blows your ears wide open. Jazz vocal fans won’t be offended in the least, no matter how purist they are, and you can bet a good time will be had by all. Bell obviously remembers that this is the entertainment business and if we aren’t having fun, we aren’t doing our jobs. Fun stuff through out.”

Republic of Jazz - Brazilian blog - February 1, 2014 -
Silva • Bell • Elation is a tantalizing album that will leave the listener mourning for the 20 years of great music missed out on while Dee Bell was recovering from the Sagacious Grace fiasco.”

Jazz Weekly - Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde - February 13, 2014 - George W. Harris
Dee Bell-Marcos Silva: Silva Bell Elation - Vocalist Dee Bell joins together with pianist Marcos Silva for a collection of upbeat and smooth takes of jazz standards along with a few surprises. Scott Thompson/b and Phil Thompson/dr round out the team that has Bell’s husky voice approach material from sources ranging from Neil Young (“Harvest Moon”) and Lennon/McCartney (“I Will”) and makes it fit into the contemporary light jazz field. Some Caribbean feeling added by Andy Narell’s steel pans creates some extra flavor on an intriguing take of “I’ve Got the World On A String” and “Nature Boy,” while Barry Finnerty brings a deep mood to “The World is Falling Down” and freshens up Joni Mitchell’s “Night in the City.” Bell and Silva even do some nice work with Joe Zawinul’s “Midnight Mood” showing that “light” does not mean “weak.” - Laser Records

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